Our Why

Our Mission

Doing good and delivering results.

Stellar Results + Massive Social Impact

We believe that a Venture Capital (VC) fund can invest in incredible companies that can scale massively and yield great returns as well as deliver a measurable, scalable, and meaningful social impact.

Pairing on Mission and Values

Capital is plentiful and amazing entrepreneurs are everywhere. Our goal is to find mission and value oriented limited partners and pair them with entrepreneurs who share similar values and goals. When these are aligned, expect a magical impact!

Our Thesis

In Summary, we will invest between $25,000 and $200,000 CAD in companies that are at the pre-seed or seed level and can demonstrate both a financial and social impact return to its shareholders. We have the ability to make follow on investments and can act fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a focus on industry or sector

No limitations on which industry/sector your venture addresses, however, there must be a social impact in addition to the obvious financial return.

How important is artificial intelligence and machine learning

We give a stronger preference to ventures who already leverage AI/ML or have concrete near terms plans in doing so.

What are the key areas of focus

Ventures that focus on mental health, security, safety, wellness, anti-racism, environmental stewardship, clean energy, education and having a clear motive to deliver a positive social impact will be provided a higher priority in our assessment.

Does the venture have to be in Canada

No, the venture can be located anywhere in the world, however, must be able to offer their product/service to Canadians or have concrete plans in doing so soon.

Will the fund lead an investment round

Typically, not – we love to participate in syndicate deals and work with other investors/funds who share common values and objectives.

What is your affiliation with the TELUS Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator

This fund is 100% independent from that accelerator; however, we participate actively in the accelerator and watch closely the companies in the various cohorts. We will give higher priority to graduates of that accelerator program.

What are the timelines and process in requesting an investment

A pitch deck and any other supporting materials can be emailed to us and if there’s interest, we would reach out and schedule a call. From there it will depend on the terms of the round, who’s leading it, and other factors. Our goal would be to make a decision (on those we deem to be a fit) within 3 weeks from the point where the key criteria for our investment has been met.

Meet Our Team

Ashif Mawji

Ashif Mawji

Managing Partner

  • Serial tech entrepreneur with successful exits
  • Over 100 direct investments
  • Top 40 under 40 Canada
  • Henry Crown Fellow
  • JA Business Hall of Fame
  • Former HCol Canadian Army
  • Award winning YPO member
  • Mentor, Philanthropist, Community Builder, Board Member
Blaine Labonte

Blaine Labonte

Venture Partner

  • Serial entrepreneur with successful exits
  • Numerous direct investments
  • Global business experience
  • JA Business Hall of Fame
  • HCol Canadian Army
  • Award winning YPO member
  • Mentor, Philanthropist, Community Builder, Board Member
Dr. Jehangir Appoo

Dr. Jehangir Appoo

Venture Partner

  • Former surgeon
  • Managing partner AiOT Health fund
  • Numerous direct investments
  • Senior Fellow, Fraser Institute
  • Mentor, Community Builder
Sameer Dhar

Sameer Dhar

Venture Partner

  • Entrepreneur with successful exit Numerous direct investments Schwarzman Scholar
  • Canada’s Next 36
  • Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 Mentor, Community Builder

Our Portfolio

  1. Areto Labs (May 2022) – Category: Cyber Bullying
  2. Out of the Box Education (June 2022) – Category: Education
  3. BriBooks (June 2022) – Category: Education
  4. Sympatic (July 2022) – Category: Ethical Data Sharing (ceased operations)
  5. Clinify (July 2022) – Category: Healthcare
  6. Peat / Afterlife (Aug 2022) – Category: Food Waste / Agtech
  7. Nucleos (Oct 2022) Category: Education / Rehabilitation
  8. PemPem (Oct 2022) Category: Financial Empowerment
  9. Fly and Fetch (Oct 2022) Category: Financial Empowerment
  10. Arbutus (Nov 2022) Category: Medical Device
  11. Difinity (Dec 2022) Category: Medical Device
  12. Gotcare (Dec 2022) Category: Healthcare
  13. PulseMedica (Jan 2023) Category: Healthcare
  14. Joe and Bella (May 2023) Category: Adaptive Apparel
  15. Littlebird (Jul 2023) Category: Safety / Healthcare
  16. Zamplo (Jul 2023) Category: Healthcare
  17. Earthware (Jul 2023) Category: Recycling / Environment
  18. Bode (Jul 2023) Category: Housing Affordability
  19. Toilabs (Jul 2023) Category: Healthcare
  20. G2V Optics (Oct 2023) Category: Environmental/Energy
  21. HelpSeeker Technologies (Oct 2023) Category: Data / Social
  22. Nia Health (Nov 2023) Category Healthcare (proactive)
  23. Hibiscus Health (Dec 2023) Category Healthcare (diagnostic)
  24. Requity Homes (Mar 2024) Category: Affordable Housing
  25. HealthKind (Mar 2024) Category: Health and Wellness
  26. OK2StandUp (Mar 2024) Category: Health and Wellness
  27. RallyReader (Mar 2024) Category: Literacy
  28. CalmWave (Apr 2024) Category: Medical devices/Health