Fund Terms

  • Initial capital call of 30% of commitment within 30 days of initial closing
  • Rolling close – first close at around $5M (Apr 2022) and final close within 24 months or when $10M reached
  • Annual capital call – 25% (yr. 2), 20% (yr. 3), 15% (yr. 4), 10% (yr. 5)
  • Term: 10 years (extendible by 2 one year extensions) – Currency: CAD
  • Fees: 2% + any setup costs and annual fees (legal, accounting, etc.)
  • 20% carry (only after all limited partners full contributions are paid first, including a 5% hurdle rate for limited partners)
  • Typical financial metrics will be reported to limited partners
  • Social Impact Reporting will include SPI (Social Progress Imperative) Index (a UN SDG initiative) and track how our region is doing… It’s going to be quantitative! You’ll know factually the good you’re influencing!

Typical Social Impact Fund Returns

  • According to the Global Impact Investing Network, more than 88% of impact investors reported that their investments met or exceeded their expectations
  • IFC’s latest estimate of the global market for impact investments shows that $2.3 trillion were being invested for impact in 2020.
  • In 2021, the Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing released a study Sustainable Funds Outperform Peers during 2020 Coronavirus. The Institute found that in a year of extreme volatility and recession, funds focused on “on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, across both stocks and bonds, weathered the year better than non-ESG portfolios.
  • Overall, 64 percent of actively managed E.S.G. funds beat their benchmarks versus 49 percent of traditional funds through the first week in August (2020), according to research from RBC Capital Markets.